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"From 980324 to the 6000th day, Shinhwa Changjo were together with Shinhwa! .. What else needs to be said!. 
Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo is the best in the universe and is love. ”

"Not just 6000 days, 60000 days, 600000 days .. Let’s be together forever! Love you!" - SHINHWA.

Just as Shinhwa has no reasons for breaking apart, we have no reasons for leaving! Shinhwa Changjo Forever~

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When Minwoo says Kai is better than Hyesung..
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hyesung dancing to t.o.p with kai

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I really want add you in my wc
Haziqazak ♡

나의 따스한 봄 | do not edit.
나의 따스한 봄 | do not edit.
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He never forgets his hello kitty fan during his drama shoot

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Can they get a round of applause pls? TuT 


Some of you might have heard of that a security guard from SM is arrested at Nanjing airport yesterday for hitting the fans when EXO arrived.

And the heartwarming thing is that they stood up for the fans and even got mad at the security guards for pushing and hitting the fans :)



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tao helped xiumin hyung prevent from falling into the hole in the middle of stage

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