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Special Edition (The Beginning, New Days) - Shin Hye Sung 1/2

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[Fanpics] 140712 The Young The Future part 3 - Hyesung (cr due) 

the novelty kinda wears off.. i just wanna throw those damn specs to the ocean where you can’t reach it. srly oppa i need to see your eyes too >_<

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Hyesung: A night where Hyesung shines. Hello, this is DJ Shin Hyesung of A Night Where Hyesung Shines.

Hyesung: Today, we’ve brought in special guests. Alright, please introduce yourselves.
Junjin/Minwoo: Hello, we’re Shinhwa!
Minwoo/”Dongwan”: Hello, I’m Dongwan. Pleased to meet you.
Junjin: Hello, I’m Junjin. Pleased to meet you.
Minwoo: Hello, I’m Minwoo. Pleased to meet you.
Hyesung: Oh? It’s clearly 2 people next to me but 3 people said hi.
"Dongwan": What nonsense are you talking about!
Hyesung: Ah, yes.
Junjin: You shouldn’t be saying that. I’m very honoured to appear in A Night Where Hyesung Shines. Also, I’m here to give my congratulations as I heard Hyesung will soon be releasing a new single.
Minwoo: That’s right. Everyone might be surprised but Hyesung really shines at night. 
Junjin: Of course.
Minwoo: Yeah, you don’t sleep at night right?
Junjin/Minwoo: HAHAHAHA
Junjin: You made a really funny joke.
Minwoo: Hyesung, today, as the DJ of A Night Where Hyesung Shines.. (sorry cannot understand what he said afterwards..)
Junjin: From what I heard, starting from July, you would release a song every month. 
Hyesung: Yes.
Junjin: “Buen Camino” that you sang with senior Kang Susie previously. And also, “Doll” that Lee Minwoo likes.
Minwoo: Yes, “Doll”. You sang it with Lee Jihoon. I’d like to hear Lee Jihoon singing it alone. 
Junjin: That might be released too.
Hyesung: Why are you here?
Junjin: And also, “Love…After”. You’ve really done a lot.
Hyesung: Yes. Anyway, you’re here to congratulate me right?
Minwoo: Of course! If it isn’t for that..
Junjin: With a congratulatory heart..
Minwoo: If it isn’t for that~
Hyesung: Dongwan, say something too. 
"Dongwan": Yes. Hello~
Junjin: We’re almost ending already and you’re saying hi?
"Dongwan": I love you~
Hyesung: Yes, because Dongwan is a little sick…
Junjin: I hope, through this single, Shin Hyesung will be even more daebak.
Junjin: I mean, even though he was already daebak before that,…
Minwoo: Hyesung is single now.
Hyesung: Really, it’s a mess. Anyway, both of you, ah, 3 of you…
Junjin: Yes, 3 of us.
Hyesung: Thank you for coming.
Junjin: Just now, Andy and Eric also sent their congratulations and apologies that they couldn’t come because of drama filming. 
Hyesung: What do you mean..
Junjin: They should be here but because they can’t, so they’re sorry. 
Hyesung: Anyway, thanks to all 3 of you. Yes, well, Junjin…
Junjin: What?
Hyesung/Junjin/Minwoo: HAHAHAHAHA
Hyesung: Say goodbye or ..
Junjin: Ah, “Everyone, goodbye. Shin Hyesung, fighting!”
Hyesung: Ah, this time round my..
Minwoo: 1, 2, 3!
Hyesung: AH! Hold on! The pr…project name is “Once Again”. Something like “Once Again fighting”?
Minwoo: One more time then?
Junjin: “Shin Hyesung fighting. Once again, fighting.” Alright, we’ll be saying our goodbyes here. Shin Hyesung! (Minwoo: Shin Hyesung’s once again) Ah, no. Ok, “Shin Hyesung fighting. Once again, fighting”. Yes, everyone, we’ll be.. ahem..
Minwoo: Everyone, we’ll be saying our goodbyes.
Junjin/Minwoo: Shin Hyesung, fighting! Once in again/Once again, fighting!
Minwoo: It’s “Once again!”
Junjin: Once for again! HAHA, Once of a time…

Hyesung: Everyone, goodnight.

translation by malpabo.tumblr.com

this certainly put a big smile on my face and giggles. jinnie’s laugh, minu’s lame jokes + wannie keke and of course esp of a messy ending neh?

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when Minseok was playing with Chanyeol's suspender...

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… one does not simply touch Minseok.

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twenty4seven | do not edit.

twenty4seven | do not edit.

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나의 따스한 봄 | do not edit.

나의 따스한 봄 | do not edit.

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[Fanpics] 140705 Hyesung @ Taiwan Hallyu Festival (cr due)  Part 1

i just love everything you.. /sigh

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during their faux kiss rehearsal xiumin slaps luhan’s face away but luhan turns right back to face him again (രᴗര๑)

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minseok @ gourmet road show

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